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Money Transfer

Trade Finance Bank offers instant Money Transfers and Payments without account opening!

Money transfer is a convenient and modern way to send or receive money at shortest time. For this purpose, you don’t need to open any account, just produce your identification document to the Bank.

In a TFB’s branch, you can:

- make an instant money transfer across Russia and abroad

- receive transferred money

- pay for mobile communication services, Internet, satellite TV

- repay a loan or pay for an insurance policy


Trade Finance Bank is pleased to offer our new program TFB-Soyuz® to its customers, in which we decided to combine numerous different services within the single system.

At present, the TFB-Soyuz system is:

  • money transfers (Armenia, Tadzhikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania);
  • payment for utility services, satellite TV, Internet;
  • repayment of loans of any banks registered in the Russian Federation;
  • instant and fee-free replenishment of mobile phone account;
  • currency exchange at flexible rate;
  • banking money transfers to accounts of individuals and legal entities opened with any other banks;
  • payment for air and railway tickets booked at: www.avantix.ru;
  • payment of Quelle orders;
  • replenishment of RUPAY electronic wallets;
  • various discount partner programs, call center.

In our TFB-Soyuz® program, we offer money transfers without account opening to any destination in any part of the world with automatic selection of the most reliable, cheapest and quickest method of payment within the existing systems (including Western Union, Contact, Migom, BLIZKO, etc.)

We offer to make payments in the quickest, simplest and cheapest manner for:

  • services of mobile network operators (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, TELE2);
  • services of Internet providers (AKADO, Corbina Telecom, QWERTY, Beeline Wi-Fi, Golden Telecom, ROL, NetbyNet, COMSTAR-Direct, Utel, OnLime, Beeline Internet);
  • services of satellite TV: NTV+, Cosmos-TV, AKADO, STREAM, OnLime, Tricolor TV; utility services (Mosenergosbyt) and apartment rent;
  • local telephone communication services (MGTS, Corbina Telecom, AKADO, Utel, CenterTelecom); long-distance calls (Rostelecom, MTT, Arctel);

These services are provided jointly with Rapida Payment System.

The list of payees is continuously updated. To view the full list of payees, ask Bank’s employees or visit the Rapida Payment System’s website.

With the TFB-Soyuz® program, you can:

  • be aware of current retail and wholesale rates
  • book any necessary amount in currency in advance
  • apply to a nearest exchange office or a money collection agency

TFB-Soyuz® is also the possibility to receive extra services and discounts fr om our numerous partner clients. Notwithstanding the retail nature of the TFB-SOYUZ® program, its major principle is the individual approach to each customer.

TFB-SOYUZ® personal card with own unique identification code is the guarantee of quality and personalized servicing.


  • minimize time spent for completion of various forms and invoices
  • automatically become a member of partner discount programs.

For detailed information about services, with all issues relating to participation in our program, contact any and all business units of our Bank or call 748-60-80 (special line of the TFB-Soyuz® call center), or visit us at: www.btf-souz.ru.


CONTACT is the first Russian network for transferring money between individuals without account opening in Russian Rubles, US Dollars, across Russia, CIS countries and non-CIS countries, which helps you to pay for goods and services.

Major advantages of Contact money transfers:

  • Low rates payable by a Payer is fr om 1.5% to 2% for money transfers in Russian Rubles and US Dollars. For transfers from non-CIS countries, rates may differ from standard ones.
  • Transfer speed from 2 to 24 hours.
  • No Payee’s expenses, money transfer is paid in full without any deductions.
  • Easy procedures for Payer and Payee.
  • Exact identification of money transfer delivery point.
  • Confidentiality.

Additional information:


How to make a money transfer:

1. Apply to the Bank and sel ect a country, city and bank office, wh ere a Payee is to receive a money transfer.

2. Produce your identification document. A Bank’s employee will help you in filling in all documents and inform you of a unique money transfer number.

3. Pay the transfer amount and fee, and the transfer amount will be paid to a Payee not later than the following day.

4. Inform a Payee yourself about bank address, wh ere it will be able to receive money, and the amount and number of money transfer. The money transfer will be paid in full without any deductions.


Pursuant to existing laws of the Russian Federation:

• Money transfers across Russia are only in Russian Rubles without lim itation of transfer amount.

• Foreign currency may be sent from Russia to CIS countries and non-CIS countries.

• Russian citizens may not transfer more than USD 5,000 per day.


1. Receive information about a money transfer fr om a Payer: address of a bank’s office, wh ere you are to receive money sent to your name, money transfer number and amount.

2. Apply to the bank, produce your identification document and specify money transfer number.

Money transfer amount is paid in full without any deductions.

Western Union money transfers

Western Union offers reliable, quick and convenient way of transferring money.

Each money transfer is protected by the modern safety system, which ensures instant payment of money to a person specified by you only.

Due to its own unique computer network, Western Union can pay a money transfer just in several minutes after the transfer has been made and has presence in more than 190 countries and parts of the world with over 170,000 service outlets.

To send and receive a Western Union money transfer, you don’t need to open any bank account or be present in a strictly defined place for receipt of the money, since it may be paid out in any Western Union service outlet.

For more details, visit: www.westernunion.ru

Money Transfers via Blizko

BLIZKO money transfers is a system of instant money transfers by individuals without account opening, which was established on the basis of the interregional Commercial Bank for Development of Communication and Informatics OAO AKB Sviaz-Bank. Transfers may be made in Russian Rubles, US Dollars or Euro.

Each BLIZKO money transfer is securely protected by a 8-digit Control Number.

A BLIZKO money transfer may be received in 1 minute after its sending and may be paid out in any service outlet of the system within the country of destination regardless of a city to which it was sent. It considerably facilitates the receipt of a money transfer, wh ere a Payee is located in any inhabited locality other than specified by a Payer.

Extra services free of charge:

  • transfer of up to 50-character message together with a money transfer;
  • e-mail notice to an addressee about sent money transfer.

The BLIZKO money transfer system allows to make a money transfer in a quick, convenient and easy manner at low rates regardless of a particular destination and BLIZKO service outlet.

For details, visit: www.blizko.biz

Money transfers to other banks

Banking money transfer to individuals or legal entities to accounts opened with any other banks.

The possibility to make a banking money transfer under contracts, agreements, loans, accounts, with specification of banking details and without account opening. You may repay a loan of any bank of the Russian Federation.

Fee – 1.5% of the money transfer amount (min RUB 50, max RUB 1,000)

Convenient and easy:

  • Fill in a money transfer application and specify addressee’s details, money transfer amount and destination.
  • Pay the amount at a bank’s cash desk.
  • Receive a payment order evidencing the payment.

MTCN is strictly confidential information, which is to be known to a payer and payee only. MTCN - is strictly confidential information, which is to be known by a payer and payee only.

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