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Credit Cards


Communication with a bank has never been so easy.

It’s easy: if you are a part of the Equites Club community, then you are a friend of TRADE FINANCE BANK, who will always offers extra financial possibilities to its friends.

The TFB’s MasterCard Gold card combines the functions of a high-quality financial tool and a universal club card. Each Equites Club member in the world of banking services is accompanied by a personal manager, who makes communication with the Bank simple and clear.

Being a Club member, you may any time use the funds offered to you by the Bank on advantageous terms and conditions.

Holders of club cards may enjoy the lowest interest on cash withdrawal and no spending limit (including cash spending limit) within the overdraft limit.

All credit card transactions are nominated in USD or EUR.


Overdraft limit (USD or EUR, at customer’s discretion)*:

· standard – 10,000

· middle – 20,000

· premium – 40,000

*Initial lending limit is Standard. Upgrade to Middle and Premium is subject to opening of a time deposit account with the Bank.

Overdraft validity period - 12 months.

Interest Period – a period from the first to the last date of each month following the month, in which a respective loan portion was granted (other than Grace Period), which bears interest.

Grace Period – interest is not accrued on a loan tranche within one calendar month after the end of a settling period (month), in which this loan tranche was granted.

Interest will accrue on debt arising on a SCA (special card account) after the end of the grace period.

Interest rate on the debt arising on a SCA after the end of the grace period is 0.1% of the actual debt per each day beyond the grace period.

SOS services:

· card reissue (including urgent) or PIN reissue;

· card blocking;

· account statement;

info via electronic communication channels.

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