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Access to accounts on-line

TRADE FINANCE BANK deployed a new remote banking system iBank-2 supplied by BIFIT.

The Bank-Client system enables to manage bank accounts and obtain full information about the same via Internet using web browsers. Bank-Client system users may perform intrabank transactions online.

Bank-Client advantages:

Customer does not depend on Bank’s business hours anymore.

You may contact the Bank any time in remote mode and perform any necessary transactions on your account.

  • The Bank-Client system has the thin-client architecture, and no presence of a Bank’s specialist during the installation is necessary.
  • A customer may manage its accounts.

The Bank-Client system is unavailable from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Moscow Time.

In case any transactions on account are performed in the Bank-Client system on a weekend, all changes will be recognized in the first operation day after such weekend.

The Bank-Client system enables you to create, edit, save, print out, sign and send the following outgoing documents:

· Payment order (for both intrabank and interbank money transfers)

· Letter of credit

· Currency transfer request

· Currency sale request

· Compulsory currency sale request

· Letters

You can also receive letters from the Bank, view and print out account statements in Russian Rubles and currencies for any period you specify and obtain any other information from the Bank.

  • Security and confidentiality.

The Bank-Client system is prevented from leakage of any Customer’s and Bank’s financial information. Information security is guaranteed by encryption libraries certified with the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information, and Thawte’s SSI-Certificate.

To ensure authentication (prove authenticity) of information, a user is to generate its electronic digital signature (EDS) for signing its electronic documents, which will secure confidentiality of customer information.

TRADE FINANCE BANK has all required Licenses issued by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for activities connected with distribution and technical maintenance of data cryptographic protection facilities and for provision of cryptographic services:

· License issued by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation No. 7097 Х dated 27.04.2009 for technical maintenance of encryption tools. view the license

· License issued by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation No. 7098 Р dated 27.04.2009 for distribution of encryption tools. view the license

· License issued by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation No. 7099 У dated 27.04.2009 for provision of data cryptographic services. view the license

To become a Bank-Client system user, you are to:

· Have a settlement account with CB “TFB”

· Enter into the agreement on exchange of electronic documents in the iBank 2 system for corporate customers

· Have access to PC, Internet

To enter the ibank2 system, users, who use iBank 2 Key USB-token, are to download and install the USB driver for iBank 2 Key token from the official website of the bank-client system developer: http://www.bifit.com/download/driver

For instructions on installation and use of the iBank 2 Key USB token, follow this link.

Link of the Bank-Client system:

https://ibank.tfbank.ru/client_su.html - servicing and registration of corporate clients.

Technical specifications for working in the iBank 2 system environment:

• PC meeting minimum and recommended system requirements as specified below:




Intel Celeron 600MHz

Intel Celeron 1GHz


256 Mb

512 Mb

• OS Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux, Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher

• In addition to the above specifications, user PC shall have a USB port.

• To store EDS keys, it is recommended to use personal encryption providers – IBank 2 Key USB tokens and smart cards, which guarantee safety of customers’ EDS keys from malware phishing.

• To print out the certificate of customer’s opened EDS key, printer is also required.

• Web browser installed on PC with pre-installed Java Runtime Environment.

The recommended web browser is:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and higher

To install Java Runtime Environment on a user’s PC, follow this link http://www.java.com/ru to download the latest version for your operating system.

  • Access to Internet.

Customer’s operational comfort depends on connection speed. Sufficient connection speed is 14.4 Kbit/sec; recommended connection speed is 33.6 Kbit/sec.

If access to Internet is via a telephone dial-up line, a modem supporting the said connection speeds is required.

It is advisable to locate the storage of customer’s EDS keys registered with the Bank at a removable medium in order to prevent unauthorized access to such medium.

In case of improper performance of applications, install Java Runtime Environment. You may download free updates at: www.java.com.

For any recent news from the Bank-Client system developer, i.e. BIFIT, visit the official website at: www.bifit.com/ru

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