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Bank cards

Bank Cards – Modern and Convenient Means of Payment!

TFBs Cardsale:


  • payment for a purchase within 5-7 seconds!
  • cash withdrawal in ATMs in all parts of the world! 
  • payment for purchases online!


  • card holders may participate in the MasterCard privileges program!
  • no need to declare money on card when leaving abroad!
  • no minimum balance requirement!
  • no initial deposit requirement!


  • access to money granted to card holder only!
  • card holder can instantly block its card in the 24/7 Card Holder Support Center!


  • a bank card today is a part of the image of a modern successful man!

Trade Finance Bank issues plastic cards of the MasterCard Worldwide payment system:

We are proud to offer you one of the most modern and prestigious bank cards – MasterCard Platinum

With TFB MasterCard Platinum you have the following benefits:

· Free issuing of additional cards attached to your account (including minors with possibility of a day limit)

· Free service of obtaining information in the form of SMS messages confirming all operations performed

· Free urgent withdrawal of cash abroad (this option is organized by MasterCard Global Service)

· Free account replenishment can be carried out at ATMs of the Bank Partner *

· Participation in discount and privileges programmes MasterCard FAVOURITES

· Special attitude and quality of service appropriate to your status

Other MasterCard Platinum related services:

· Payment for goods all over the world

· Online purchases

· Reservation of hotels all over the world

· Purchase of air and railway tickets

· Cash withdrawal at ATMs all over the world

· No need to declare funds when you go abroad

Take care of your comfort and financial security in advance.

Apply for a card:

- in the frames of Equites Club privileged clients:

7(495) 644-02-70, Yulia Kurasova

or to any convenient for you branch of the Bank

MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Gold cards are VIP cards, which guarantee the highest quality servicing to their holders in full compliance with servicing standards applicable to this type of cards. Customer’s card account may be opened in Russian Rubles, US Dollars or Euro.

At the customer’s discretion, a MasterCard Gold issued by CB “TFB” LLC to such customer may allow for up to USD 10,000 overdraft.

The plastic card balance may be replenished in CB TFB’s offices, by transfer fr om an account with any other bank.

MasterCard Standard

MasterCard Standard classical cards are accepted at every single sales outlet of payment systems, which have made them the most common and popular cards: they are used by hundreds of thousands people all over the world.

Given their low issue and servicing cost, they offer a plenty of benefits, thus providing their holders with a wide range of extra services.

Cards of this type are an optimum combination of cost and range of available services. MasterCard Standard cards are accepted without lim itation by 13 mln. sales outlets and 280 thous. ATMs. During your travel, it will be much easier for you to book a hotel room or take a car on rent.


Maestro electronic cards enable their holders to instantly pay for a purchase or make cash withdrawal. These cards are accepted by 1 mln. sales outlets all over the world, which are equipped with electronic terminals, and by 280 thous. of ATMs.

The standard issue period of TFB’s cards is 5-7 business days following the date of your bank card issue application.

Apply to a nearest office for card issue!

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