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 Settlement and cash services

Trade Finance Bank strives to provide each client the maximum list of modern banking services. 

Current accounts

Bank account in Trade Finance Bank allows you to arrange current transactions quickly and efficiently. 

What is needed to open a current account with our Bank:

  • call Trade Finance Bank, get information on how to open an account and choose the branch in which you would be more convenient serviced;
  • Provide a national passport;
  • complete the documents for opening an account and sign a contract - automatically you become a Client of our Bank and have free access to all banking services. 

You can process power of attorney to manage your account by any other person (issued by the Bank in the presence of a trustee and in the presence of the passport).

 Form for providing information about a natural person, the beneficiary.

Operations on the account:

  •  transfers within the Bank and external payments, including abroad payments
  • deposit and cash withdrawal;
  • placement of funds from other banks;
  • conduct foreign exchange operations;
  • placement of free funds in term deposits by certain interest. 

Opening Accounts for non-resident customers:

Non-cash transactions

Having a current account with our bank, you can perform all kinds of non-cash transactions from your account to any point on the globe that is certainly a very convenient means of payment. For wire transfer fee is charged according to tariffs of the Bank. 

To carry out any non-cash payment all you need - is to fill the payment order or a request to transfer funds from the known details to you. 

This type of operation is very convenient if you need to transfer money to another city, region or even country. Effecting payments by bank transfer can save a lot of time. 

Looking forward to seeing you in our Bank! 

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