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The 20th of December, year 2008

Once a year, on Christmas Eve, the angels descend from heaven. Invisible to the human eye, they live among the people one day and one night, a slight wave of his velvet wings averting disaster and giving pleasure. But not everyone, but only those who truly believe and hope ... Only once a year, the angels live among us.    

December 20, 2008 in an Italian restaurant, L'Albero took fifth Children's Charity New Year's Day, organized by the Trade Finance Bank, FBME Bank, Community Equites Club and the Foundation "Give Life". 

Children's holiday charity event concluded, "The angels live among us", initiated by Trade Finance Bank in early December 2008 to help children with cancer and hematological diseases. 

In total, during the campaign were collected and transferred to the Foundation "Give Life" more than 1 million rubles. 

Guests of the festival began more than 350 people - customers, partners and friends of Trade finance Bank, their children and relatives, among them Johnny Manglani (Uomo Collezioni), Philip, Alexei Nemov and his family, Sergei Tsikalyuk (VSK Insurance House), Artur Smolyaninov, Emanuel Vitorgan, Svetlana Maniovich (Metropol Fashion Group). 

Levon Israelian, Chairman of the Trade Finance Bank: 

"No matter how complex or was our adult life, the main thing in it - our children, our little angels, bearing the world light and goodness. In our hands, their health, their future, their lives.

Arranging a holiday for their children, we have always tried to forget about those children, whose lives, unfortunately, so few holidays. Helping, as far as possible, the children's home or collecting funds for the purchase of drugs, we're always thinking about what our children will grow up. For a sense of compassion, along with honesty and love - the basis of values ​​in life of any normal person. "

This year became a partner of the "Give Life" was created several years ago, remarkable actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. Their motto - "The children - a subject of admiration and delight, and not the subject of grief." The position of the Fund - collected every ruble - the salvation of the individual child. 

The idea of ​​charity at the festival embodies the traditional Charity Auction, held that Mikhail Plotnikov and Tina Kandelaki. As the company has lots of "Gourmet Club" put a basket with Spanish delicacies, Uomo Collezioni - Children's electric car BMW Z-series, the transport company "TransKlassServis" - a trip to the VIP-Coupe cars on the route Moscow-Adler-Moscow 

Jewelry House "Moiseykin" - a necklace of pearls, high-quality Yamamoto, and the top beauty salons "Aida" - a set of certificates for the full range of salon services.

This "battle" was played for the silver service from the hand of the Bank's Trade Finance. The winner got out of it Elguja Kakhidze ("Erkastom-Studio"), offered a price of $ 5500.

Member of the Equites Club Philip, bought three lots at once: a unique "ice wine" from the winery Hohdorfer in the fountain of exotic fruits from the Sunway Group, a set of collectible Barbie dolls provided FBME Bank Ltd., And Lot

"Courtship Hussar" from the restaurant "1812 god" and the company's L'Amour Du Vin, consisting of champagne, a hussar saber, and a portrait of Marshal Murat.

We express our sincere gratitude to all those who with us took part in a charity event "Angels live among us." 

General sponsors of the event: Trade Finance Bank , Sunway Group , FBMEBank , Transport Company "TransKlassServis" and the Investment Company IGE . 

Official sponsors of the holiday: Uomo Collezioni , Jewelry House "Moiseykin" , School of Roche , IC Green Apple .

Partners: Beauty Salons "Aida" , a beauty salon Lanny Kamilinoy , French children's clothing store Bonpoint , children's clothing store "Tender Age", Metropol Fashion Group, "First Grocery Company" .

Information support of the campaign: journals NBJ , Collezioni Bambini , GRAND , and "Russian Pioneer" , the Internet portal VIP-life.info , the radio station "Silver rain" . 

Our new year, in spite of any world crises and disasters universe - is the ability to make the world a little brighter and neighbors brighter. Do good - it's fun. Thanks to all who shared this joy with us.

Photos from the event



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