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Working in the team of Trade Finance Bank is the most interesting and quickest way to career growth, individual achievements and personal wins, cause only successful employees can contribute to development and financial prosperity of Customers. Homely atmosphere of the TFB’s team is an inalienable part of in-house interactions, a solid platform for professional success, joy of creation and pride for result. Our workdays and celebrations, traditions and readiness for changes, open-mindness and aspiration for self-development – all these things we create ourselves sharing goals and values of Trade Finance Bank and seeking a future.

Welcome to the TFB’s Team!

You can send us your CV not waiting for the publication on the website. If we get interested in your CV, we will contact you for sure.

HR Department:

phone.: +7 (495) 644 0270 addl. 207, Ivanova Valeriya Vladimirovna - Head of the department     
 fax: +7 (495) 644 0269 (for HR) 
e-mail: ivanova-vv@tfbank.ru

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